BIGNESS GROUP is a multidisciplinary building and construction company based in central London.

We provide high quality, customer-focused, property maintenance, refurbishments, building and construction services to both the public and private sectors with the with a minimum of disruption, on time and on budget.

high quality, customer-focused, property maintenance

Our Company is structured with a number of operational divisions supported by specialist departments including: building and construction division, refurbishment division, shopfitting division and property maintenance division. We’re proud to employ dozens of the London’s top plumbers, electricians, plumbers, welders and other trades.

The Right Set of Skills, Experience, and Personality

The Right Set of Skills, Experience, and Personality

By bringing together the right set of skills, experience, and personality, we provide you the perfect team for your unique project. Men and women who construct everything from house and office buildings to sports complexes and power plants, distribution centers.

We are the right team to tap for your construction needs. You do not have to contact separate tradesmen for different work areas anymore as our team is complete with the right people.

We are the right team to tap for your construction needs

Bigness can serve you in many ways when it comes to property development. Aside from being building contractors, we also offer other services such as planning and project management, design, painting and wallpapering.

Moreover, we have experts in plumbing who work on bathroom and kitchen refurbishment, central heating, and thawing. We also provide outdoor assistance in developing swimming pools, driveways, and gardening. These and many more other services are what we are proud to offer you. Rest assured that all of these are handled by our seasoned employees.


We have developed long lasting relationships with our clients. This is because we highly value excellence in our work. We understand that as building contractors, the safety of the occupants in the building we construct rely on us. Therefore, we see to it that only high standard materials and equipment are used in all of our projects.

high standard materials and equipment

We have also trained our tradesmen and other workers to be very keen up to the smallest detail of the work. There is no room for mistake for us in this company. This is the reason why most of our clients keep on coming back to us whenever they have new projects. They know they can completely trust us to come up with the best building for them.


As part of our goal to provide excellent results to our clients, we are careful in hiring employees. We only let experienced contractors, designers, and tradesmen into the company.

We make sure that their track record is clean and impressive. Furthermore, we still provide them trainings in the company.

We want them all to be updated of the latest designs, building innovations, and other important information that has to do with property development and refurbishment.

Of course, we also open opportunities to fresh graduates and newbies in the property construction field. It would be our pride to train leaders in this industry. For this reason, we provide them with all the trainings they need, and before we let them go into the field on their own, we make sure that they undergo supervision and thorough equipping.

This is how we develop high caliber Building and Construction contractors in Bigness.

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