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There are two primary problems that will eventually cause issues if your walls aren’t insulated properly.

Wall and Floor Tiling London

First, your poorly insulated walls will not retain heat in the building. This means it will require more energy to heat the building which will cost much more to do. It’s also a waste of energy.

Secondly, the other problem is damp. Typical mortar walls made from brick or concrete will soak up moisture from outside. This water will then be attracted to the inside of the building causing damp.

Why Wall Tiles are Important

Wall Tiles anchor the weather protecting facade of a cavity wall to the main structure of a building. Failure to address all tie failure and inadequacy immediately can lead to catastrophic collapse.

In coastal areas, wall tie corrosion is a common cause of wall tie failure. Walls suffering from failed, omitted or inadequate wall tie systems are most vulnerable during high winds and seismic events.

By using wall Tiles, the moisture that’s attracted from the outside is prevented from entering the inside of the property. That is because wall Tiles drip and sometimes serve as insulators.

Bigness Wall Tiles in London

Welcome to Bigness, London’s top supplier of quality wall Tiles that are uniquely designed and manufactured fixings for the construction industry.

At Bigness, we undertake a large variety of work ranging from private domestic jobs right through to commercial projects and local authority work.

If you have any concerns about your property regarding cracking due to wall tie failure or structural stability, damp issues or re-pointing, we are the best name to call.

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So, if you have broken walls, or just need to install wall Tiles so that your walls will become durable and last long for many years, you can depend on us as we are London’s best wall tie supplier and installer. Call us now!

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