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Affordable Tiling service across London with a team of experienced and qualified tilers.

Floor Tiling Services

Deciding on the best service for the job then becomes the hardest part of the owner’s renovation. Researching local services on the internet is a good way to start. Most businesses have websites customers can visit to get an overview of the services they provide as well as before and after pictures of jobs they have completed. Of course, jobs they failed will not be pictured, but the photos available will allow new customers to see the tiling services best work.

We undertake complete or part refurbishments and have specialist tilers for that exclusive finish.

Tiling expertise:

Our floor tiling expertise ranges from using ceramic & porcelain tiles to handmade terracotta, slate, limestone, etc in a wide variety of situations.

  • Wall tiling
  • Floor tiling – ceramic, porcelain, slate, composite
  • Tiling small or large areas
  • Tile patching / Repair
  • Grout renewal
  • Fitting Items to Tiles such as towel rails, toilet roll holders, soap dishes
  • Shower Screens
  • Shower Curtains
  • Shower Units – Electrical or thermostatic units

No matter what you a looking to have tiled we can help you. We can come round and assess a job and price it for you at no cost to yourself, with our free estimates as part of our handyman services.

Tiling Know How

Consulting other homeowners about their recent renovations is also a great way to obtain information about local contractors. Once a list of potential services has been made, the time to interview those on the list has come.

It is advised that the first estimate not be taken immediately. Various estimates give a range of prices to consider as well as impressions of the contractors who will be doing the work.

The tiling service has been hired and the tile for all renovations has been ordered so it is time for the chaos of renovating. The workers will need space outside to cut and clean the tiling before bringing it inside. The representative measured all the areas to be done, but the contractor measures again and cuts on site so every tile fits perfectly.

Competent tiling services will keep the homeowner up to date on their progress and be able to give a finish date that rarely extends beyond the day given by more than one day.

Any problems, such as plumbing or mold issues, will be presented to the homeowner for their consideration. In certain regions, mold build up in bathrooms and kitchens is a major problem. The building inspectors will not allow renovation to continue if the mold level is too high.

Hopefully no one has to deal with this set back. Kitchen and bathroom work often reveals small leaks in the sinks and shower. These problems are easily resolved in houses with concrete foundations.

The tiling service should offer a variety of fixtures and valves before the work begins. They should also be prepared with a list of plumbers, should the need arise. Like the innovations in tile manufacturing, valves have come a long way in the past twenty years.

Leaks are almost non-existent in modern valves. Also, valves come with the ability to regulate water temperature so flushing a toilet will not send scalding hot water into the shower.

Nor will the water pressure drop if another faucet is turned on. The technology does not stop in the plumbing though. Tiling a floor not only brightens a room, but tile is easier to maintain than carpet or wood and now comes with non-slip surfaces that feel smooth as ice.

Tile is not just for the inside of the home: Tiling services are building magnificent driveways, swimming pool decks, and garages. Tiling projects of any scale are difficult; but on the grand scale being offered in the 21st century, it is almost mandatory that a tiling service be hired to do the work.

With warrantied work and professionals who take care with each step of the project, it is well worth the price to hire these services.

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