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Basement and Cellar Conversion services in London.

Basement and Cellar conversion including Under House (Retrofit), Full Footprint, Half Footprint, Sub-Basement and Under Garden.

Basement and Cellar conversion specialists in basement design, excavation, construction, waterproofing, fitouts and refurbishments.

Basement & Cellar Conversion Services:

  1. Basement Planning
  2. Basement Design
  3. Basement Construction
  4. Retrofit Basement
  5. Basement Underpinning
  6. Basement Waterproofing & Tanking

Did you know that more and more homeowners these days see the advantages of converting their ordinary basements into more exciting hubs like a gaming room, a workout area or a music room.

1. Basement Planning

If you are into exercising and staying healthy, but you are too busy to visit the gym, then it is time to turn your unused basement into a household gym. Or if you love hanging out with your friends and partying, you can also turn the said room into a small bar or mini club.

Whatever your reasons are, turning your basement into a something is an excellent refurbishing project. However, this can be a difficult challenge, unless you get some help from a dependable refurbishing company.

2. Basement Design

Bigness Refurbishment specialises in providing you with contractors who are experienced in basement remodelling. We are a team of experienced home renovation experts who can help you transform your basement into a room for social gatherings, family relaxation, or entertaining your guests.

3. Basement Construction

For most people, it is hard to imagine that their dark and cluttered basement can be transformed into a social scene or a room that is way “cooler” than an average basement.

4. Retrofit Basement

But with our modern renovation ideas and top-notched pieces of equipment and materials, we can help you take your basement from cold and boring into comfortable, exciting, or even extraordinary.

5. Basement Underpinning

Every household is unique when it comes to hobbies and interests. Hence, you should first think about how you spend your time and what your family loves doing most before deciding on what to turn your basement into.

6. Basement Waterproofing & Tanking

After deciding on what exactly you want your new basement to be, you can now call us and we will brainstorm altogether for us to achieve the best results for our basement refurbishment project.

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