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The construction of any infrastructure demands the concerted effort of different people, from planning up to the actual construction.

Bricklayer London

One such person under Bigness Property Maintenance’s construction team is the bricklayer, an individual who focuses on laying bricks.

Getting a good bricklayer in London

Though the work of a bricklayer can be quite simple when you just think about it (After all, you just lay bricks.), actually doing it is another story. After all, mislaid bricks can lead to accidents.

Our bricklayers are qualified to do their job because they can do the following:

Our bricklayers can get an accurate measurement of the work area and laying down the first row of bricks as the foundation.

We also make sure that the bricks still follow a straight line even if they are stacked one after another.

Our bricklayers know how to mix cement, either manually or with the help of a mixer.

There is a right consistency and water to cement ratio that should be observed if you want to make the cement effective in holding the bricks together.

Laying bricks properly and application of cement using the trowel.

Our expert bricklayers know the proper method of laying bricks (making sure that they are stacked neatly), the right amount of cement to use, and how to efficiently use the trowel to apply cement.

Our expertise enables them to do the job faster and without errors.

Our bricklayers have knowledge in trimming brick size and shape using chisels, hammers, and power tools.

In some cases, the brick does not fit the available area; either the brick has an excess or it lacks a few inches to be in contact with another brick.

This is when the bricklayer should reduce the size or modify the shape of the brick properly so that it perfectly fits the working area.

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