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Bigness Loft Conversion Reviews

Bigness Loft Conversion Reviews

For most business owners in London areas who want their commercial properties to be improved, they immediately hire us because they know they will get the best service for the money they pay.

Moreover, homeowners prefer getting our service than others’ as well. They know how hardworking our tradesmen are, so they do not have second thoughts on getting us.

Get to Know Bigness 

So, who are the Bigness team? Why are we trusted by many property owners not just in London but in other parts of the UK?

Bigness has been doing loft conversions in London for 16 years. Our team is composed of property development professionals. We have loft conversion specialists who are experienced in transforming attics into beautiful rooms.

We have engineers and architects who are skilled in designing and planning the best property structures. We also have general contractors, project managers, plumbers, painters, and other talented tradesmen who are exceptional.

We consider each loft conversion project unique so we always personalise it. We work hand in hand with our clients to come up with plans that are not just accurate but are according to their style as well.

Our project managers see to it that every project we accept is completed in a smooth and professional manner, without disregarding personal touches. 

Good Feedbacks

We have satisfied thousands of clients all throughout these years of service, and it is our goal to help many other property owners achieve their desired buildings. So, what do the clients say about Bigness?

Many clients commend us for our hardworking team. All our workers work fast with accuracy. We maximise the time during work hours too.

We have goals to finish each day and we do our best to hit those targets so that we can complete the project on time. We do not want to cause inconvenience to our clients so we avoid delays.

One more reason why property owners like hiring us is because we involve them in every step of the way. We do not impose on having things our way, but instead we ask our clients what they want and how they want it to be done.

We give them options on the designs and materials to use. This way, they know where their money goes, and they have the choice to lower the cost of the project. Of course, we guide them along the way and we give suggestions that they can consider.

Another thing why clients like us at Bigness is because our services are more affordable compared to other companies’. However, the quality of our works is never compromised.

No matter how much the budget of our clients are, we always make sure that they get the best loft conversion.

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