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Are you thinking about converting your attic into a new room? You have heard that dormer loft conversion is the best type that can be done to it. How will you know if it would really suit your house?

Dormer and L-shaped Dormer Loft Conversion

Dormer and L-shaped Dormer Loft Conversion

Find out more about dormer loft conversion and see if this is the best loft conversion type for your attic.

The loft in your house is important. It should be well designed and constructed in order not to jeopardize the safety of the occupants. That is where we come in – Bigness. We do not only design lofts that will suit our clients’ taste, but we are more concerned of their health and safety.

Bigness Loft Conversion 

In the UK, Bigness is the leading company when it comes to loft conversion. We are experts in the different kinds of conversions, and dormer loft conversion is among them. That is why, if you have questions about the right loft conversion type for your attic, then we can give you the ideas you need.

The best way for us to find out the right loft conversion type for your house is by visiting your house and seeing for ourselves your place. We can create a sample conversion plan so we can show you our suggestions. This is free of charge, so why not grab the opportunity?

If you want to visualise how dormer loft conversion can improve your property, then let us give you some information regarding this type.

What is Dormer Loft Conversion

Dormer loft conversion is actually one of the most popular conversion types in London. Since it is a simple structure to build, it is practical for homeowners. It takes lesser time to finish the project, and of course, they can save much more than complex loft conversion types.

Basically, a dormer is a vertical extension from a sloping roof’s plane. This is constructed on the roof of the attic so the area can be converted into a usable space. Aside from the additional headroom created, dormer windows are also attached which allow natural light to get into the new room. This is another advantage since it can help save energy.

Dormer Loft Conversion Types:

There are different kinds of dormer that you can choose from. These are the following:

  • Simple flat roof dormer- this one is the cheapest and simplest kind of dormer to construct. However, it creates the biggest additional space inside.
  • Shed dormer- this involves one flat planed roof that slopes down at a shallower angle than the main roof. This is usually chosen for houses with a gable roof.
  • Gable fronted dormer- if you are for aesthetics, then this one will please your eyes. This has a gable wall extension which reaches to the ridge line. A new roof is created outwards to the end of the gable.
  • Hipped roof dormer- this is the most attractive of all. It involves three slanting planes that meet at the dormer’s ridge.

Do you think one of these would be perfect for your attic?

Ask Us 

Bigness can help you decide on the best loft conversion type for your attic. All you need to do is call our office or visit us so you can talk with our consultant. We can arrange a visit to your house so we can do a quick check on your attic as well.

Bigness is specialized in different types of loft conversion:

  • dormer and l-shaped dormer loft conversion;
  • mansard and l-shaped mansard loft conversion;
  • double mansard loft conversion;
  • Velux loft conversion;
  • hip-to-gable and l-shaped hip-to-gable loft conversion;
  • loft conversion with full back addition;
  • loft conversion with pod room;
  • loft conversion with roof terrace;

We, at Bigness, are the perfect team to get a loft constructed or refurbished. We are here to help our clients get a comfortable and perfectly loft at their homes.

Create Your Loft Space

Loft is not just a simple area that builders do just to add more space in the house. It helps in insulation by restricting heat to go outside the room below. With that, heat loss is reduced, thus reducing energy bills too.

We believe that in building lofts, floors, certain doors, and walls should be designed to resist effects of fire and pressure. This will provide safety to the family and other occupants from fire and other types of emergencies. For this reason, we construct and design lofts according to this need.

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Bigness Loft Conversion division is expert in renovations and designing. It will not matter if we have to do it for domestic houses or commercial properties. We will get the job done with excellence. Moreover, our builders have worked on a lot of projects that have honed their skills, professionalism, and passion for what they do.

We take every project that comes our way seriously. We value our clients so much, so we make sure that we really understand what they want to be done. We make them decide on the finishing touches and even on the materials that they want to be used.

There is no job too big or small for us. May it be installation, interior designing, refurbishment, or construction of rooms like lofts, we handle it professionally. No matter what it is that needs to be done in our clients’ home, office, or any commercial property, we will do it with excellence as our primary goal.

Larger jobs will be supervised by a quality control manager who will report to you with regular updates. Our 24 hour manned London office an have a plumber with you within 1 hour, day or night.

Simply fill out the form with a description of the Loft Conversion work you require, your location and your contact details, and we will aim to contact you within 1 hour.

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