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Are you thinking about getting loft conversion for your attic to increase the space of your property? What could be the best loft conversion style for your house? Do you need a mansard loft conversion or just a hip to gable loft conversion?

Hip to Gable and L-shaped Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Hip to Gable and L-shaped Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

What is Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Hip to gable loft conversion is usually the best type for bungalows, detached, and semi-detached properties that have hipped roofs. Just like the usual front and back slopes, a hipped roof is an additional sloping side. If you want to use your attic as a room, this hipped roof will limit the space inside because of its shape.

So, how can this type of project solve the problem? Hip to gable loft conversion will create extra space in your attic. This is done by extending the side roof part to turn the hipped roof into a gable roof—which is vertical. This type of conversion can be mixed with a rear dormer loft conversion to create enough space all around the loft.

Perhaps you’ve wondered how it would be like to have a new room – a quiet one that could be used as a bedroom or small studio. Well, the time has come to wonder and dream no more!

At Bigness our team of loft conversion specialists could help you expand your roof space, and turn it into a cozy attic that will surely benefit you and your entire family. Our company has been part of the house refurbishments, repairs and improvements industry for more than 15 years now.

Let Bigness Do This for You

The best team that can do a hip to gable loft conversion for you is no other than Bigness. Our company is an expert when it comes to loft conversions. We have converted hundreds of lofts all around the UK, and we continue to excel in our craft.

Bigness has project managers, contractors, architects, and engineers who are passionate in what we do. For this reason, we can assure you that we can do the best work on your loft.

How Much It Costs

Hip to gable loft conversion is cheaper compared to mansard loft conversion since it involves lesser space of construction. The cost starts at £35k, and it depends on the size of the loft to be converted and the amount of work to be done. The kinds of materials to be used also affect the overall cost.

We let our clients decide on the style and materials to use in our loft conversion projects. We include them in the planning and present suggestions together with the amounts involved. Therefore, our clients have the final say on the cost of their project.

Planning Permission

Since hip to gable loft conversion does not require a big construction work, this usually does not need a planning permit. In London, this type is included in the permitted developments for property improvement.

However, for verification, we suggest that you inquire from your local area authority about the planning regulation requirements, especially if there were other extensions and developments previously done on your property.

If you have other concerns or questions regarding loft conversion requirements, then you can consult us at Bigness as well. Our consultants will give you enough information on what are the usual steps in the planning process.

You may check out our galleries to see the finished outputs of hip to gable loft conversions we have worked on. We also suggest that you read the testimonials of our past clients.

Other Bigness types of Loft Conversion expertise

Our team of experts want nothing more than to bring you the service that has become the trademark and pride of our company.

  • Dormer and l-shaped dormer loft conversion
  • Mansard and l-shaped mansard loft conversion
  • Double mansard loft conversion
  • Velux loft conversion
  • Hip-to-gable and l-shaped hip-to-gable loft conversion
  • Loft conversion with full back addition
  • Loft conversion with pod room
  • Loft conversion with roof terrace

Loft Conversion Process

We have people who are exceptionally capable of adding another room to your house, by redesigning and extending your roof space.

  • Scaffolding goes into position and an opening is made in the front of the roof.
  • The steel is delivered to site and either craned into position or winched into position onto the new padstones (concrete bearing positions).
  • New floor structure goes into position with timbers spanning from the new steel.
  • The rear roof is opened up and the dormer/mansard structure is built.
  • Once the new roof is on and the loft is made weatherproof we can start with the interior including first fix electrics and plumbing.
  • The loft is insulated and plaster boarded.
  • The installation of the staircase will happen approximately at week four-five. There will have been little disruption to the house up until this point.
  • External windows and doors put into position.
  • Second fix electrics, plumbing, plastering .
  • External guttering.
  • Fitting of the bathroom suite if applicable.
  • Your loft room is then finished and ready to move into.

We guarantee that once you start working with us, our team of loft conversion specialists will promptly visit you to come up with a plan detailing what you want to do with the space, and how you want your new loft to look as a finished project.

You will not have to worry about the stability and safety of a loft conversion because our workforce is full of qualified and experienced employees.

Our painters, designers, and carpenters will work in close collaboration with our loft experts to ensure that the new addition to your home will be all and more than you dreamed it would be. We offer free estimates for any of our services.

We are proud to be ever at your service, and we hope to help you build your future dream loft!

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