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Do you need mansard and l-shaped mansard loft conversion expertise? Are you looking for the best mansard and l-shaped mansard loft conversion specialists in London?

Mansard and l-shaped mansard loft conversion

Mansard and l-shaped mansard loft conversion

Because mansard and l-shaped mansard loft conversion can be beneficial in many ways, it is one of the most common method of home improvements in the United Kingdom. With the help of Bigness, your empty attic can change into elegant bedroom, functional room, or whatever you want it to be.

What is Mansard Loft Conversion?

Mansard loft conversion creates more headspace compared to other kinds of conversions. Usually this is constructed at the backside of the house. The output consists of three sides. The sloping side of the roof is made somewhat vertically flat, often at least 72 degrees. The front wall slopes, and there are dormers that house the windows. This gives an illusion of an added new storey to your property.

Bigness Specialises on Mansard Loft Conversion

If you need the service of the best property improvement team for an excellent mansard loft conversion, then Bigness is the brand you can trust the most. Our company has professionals who know exactly what the clients need from this kind of job. You can simply check out our galleries and see how we have brilliantly converted lofts into beautiful and functional spaces.

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Planning Permission

Smaller conversion types do not usually need a planning permission. However, since mansard loft conversion involves a bigger task, then there is certainly a need to secure a planning permit.

Bigness works side by side with clients. We do not want you to be stressed out by processing such documents. For this reason, our team helps in securing the permission. We see to it that we can get the permit as soon as possible so that the project will be started immediately too.

Typically, the company begins with initial inspection of your attic room. The specialists will determine if it is possible to convert in the first place. Next step is planning everything like the design, style, space, etc. Whether you like a contemporary or traditional room, Bigness can surely help you with it. Since the company knows that your home is one of your major assets, it aims to provide you with quality time with the architects on how you plan to do the loft conversion.

Mansard and l-shaped mansard loft conversion Process

It is guaranteed that you will get good value from any cost you wish to spend. The company’s specialists will give you its best to make the service affordable as possible without compromising high quality. It also understands how important comfort is to your home.

Bigness wants to minimize disruption during loft conversion. In contrary, it aims to maximize new opportunities not just for your home but also for you.

Mansard and l-shaped mansard loft conversion Safety

To ensure safety in the course of the work, only qualified and professional loft conversion specialists are allowed to perform it. You can trust that each of the company’s contractor has the required skills and knowledge to carry out the process.

Why We Suggest This

If what you need is a new regular room but you want a cheaper solution than having an extension, then mansard loft conversion is your best choice. Here are some of the reasons why Bigness suggests you choose this kind of loft conversion:

  • Bigger headspace- with mansard loft conversion, we can construct you a big spacious area by opening your roof and turning it into a new room. The whole roof area of your property can determine the size of your new room.
  • Easier to furnish- another benefit of this kind of conversion is it can be furnished easily. This is because the walls are vertical and the roof pitch is not so steep.
  • Perfect for any kind of property- this is suitable for any kind of property. Whether your house is terraced or a bungalow, mansard can match its building construction. It is also easy to style, following the existing style of your house.

Loft Conversion Look Over

Truly, loft conversion is one of the ways to boost your home’s value when properly done. It can also increase your space without necessarily building an extension. Bigness has the best specialists on this field. Given the competitive costs for high quality service, what will make you think twice to try it?

Larger jobs will be supervised by a quality control manager who will report to you with regular updates.

Our 24 hour manned London office an have a plumber with you within 1 hour, day or night.

Loft Conversion Free Quote

If you need more information regarding mansard loft conversion, then contact us at Bigness. We can answer your questions and give your ideas on what will suit your property best. You can send us an email or give us a call. We are available for you.

Simply fill out the form with a description of the Loft Conversion work you require, your location and your contact details, and we will aim to contact you within 1 hour.

We’ll beat any quote! Bring us a written quote and we’ll match it PLUS we’ll refund you 10% of the difference.

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