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Stoneworker and Stonemason for hire in London and surroundings, specializes in craft structures, buildings and sculptures with stone.

Stoneworker or Stonemason London

A Stonemason or stoneworker is a person who uses tools to craft structures, buildings and sculptures with stone. Most creations of a stoneworker or stonemason are durable like monuments, statues, cathedrals and artefacts. Popular creations of stonemasonry are the Taj Mahal, Stonehenge, and the Egyptian Pyramids.

What are types of Stonemasons?

There are several types of stonemasons: sawyers, quarrymen, carvers, banker masons, memorial masons and fixer masons.

Sawyers are the ones who cut the blocks of stones and shape it with a diamond-tipped saw.

Quarrymen retrieve slabs of stone blocks from the ground.

Carvers are those who add art designs to stones or carve letters and messages.

We can also shape stones to look like animals, flowers, people and more. Banker masons, on the other hand, are responsible for shaping the stones before passing them on to the carvers.

Memorial masons are people who carve monuments and gravestones. Lastly, fixer masons are experts who arrange stonework to the site and install metal wires and cables.

A stonemason usually works with a group. In Bigness Property Maintenance, each stonemason undergoes trainings that usually take up to four years to gain extensive knowledge and apply them to projects.

Stonemasons are highly skilled for all types of stonemasonry

A Stonemason can do several kinds of masonry like rubble masonry, stone veneer, ashlar masonry and slipform stonemasonry.

We are also specialises in stone carving on granites, slates, limestones, sandstones and marble. Most people prefer stonework in slates for gravestones and marble for all other kinds of furniture, statues and sculptures.

Bigness Property Maintenance, provides stonemasonry services for residential and commercial purposes. We also accept projects from institutions for creating monuments and statues.

Bigness Property Maintenancehas been around for more than 10 years and is manned 24 hours, 7 days a week. A Stonemason’s craftsmanship is 12 months guaranteed. What are you waiting for? Get a free estimate now!

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