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The term “glazing” is a specialized window term that came from the word “glaziers” which past window repairers used to call themselves.

Double Glazing Installer In London

Double glazing involves enclosing a buffer between two panes of glass installed in a window. The buffer between these two panes can be air or other gases like argon.

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The panes of glass and the buffer zone they create, provide a better impediment against external temperatures than windows with single panes of glass.

Windows of this type must be free of leaks. If a leak appears, indicated by condensation, repair would be next to impossible. The window unit itself will have to be replaced.

Double glazing substantially helps to reduce cooling or heating costs by as much as 10 to 12 percent.

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Double glazing is also friendly to the environment because it reduces carbon dioxide emissions. It also helps in cutting down on noise pollution and internal condensation.

Double glazed glass helps prevent the majority of condensation that you typically see on windows with a single pane of glass. The interior retains heat in spite of the colder temperature outside the structure.

Double-glazed doors and windows can also help to provide additional security to a home. The windows, as a main entry point of intruders, become harder to break and have their own locking system.

Double glazing usually enhances the appearance and thereby the aesthetic value of a property. Materials for these windows may be unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC), aluminum and hardwood.

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A qualified double-glazing installer can do window, door and conservatory installation and repairs.

We provide highly specialized services such as PVCU window and door installation and repairs, glazing for windows and doors, and aluminum window and door repairs or replacements.

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