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Strictly speaking, a carpenter is a workman who builds and repairs wooden things.

Carpenters In London

They are different from joiners who construct and finish interior woodwork such as doors, mouldings and stairs. The traditional workflow of these artisans would be that the joiners would ‘join’ the pieces of wood in a workshop while a carpenter would work on the building elements on site.

Carpenters and Joiners in London

Carpentry covers many jobs like roofing, flooring, and remodeling. Their bigger jobs usually include siding (the construction of an outer shell of a structure to keep out water), adding second stories to existing houses and making custom decks.

A qualified carpenter should be able to read and interpret blueprints and drawings from which he makes plans on how to complete the job considering cost and time. He lays out, measures, cuts and puts and together the various items and materials using a variety of hand and power tools while employing safety measures in their use.

The field of carpentry is vast, and there are carpenters who usually specialize in a particular aspect of this craft. A rough carpenter does framing, formwork, roofing, and other structural and large-scale work.

A joister lays the “joists”, the horizontal boards connected to the frame of a structure just below the door level. Finish carpenters or joiners are normally involved in cabinetry, intricate woodworking, model building, and instrument making.

Bigness Carpenters specialize in wooden mouldings, like those in skirting boards and frames around windows.

Cabinet makers design and construct wardrobes, cabinets, chests and other household implements similar to these. Finally, framers build the skeletal structure, or the frameworks of buildings.

If you are in need of carpenters, whether to construct an add-on to your home or build a new one, its best to look for a company that has vast expertise in this field.

Bigness Property Maintenance, has been in the construction business for the best part of 15 years.

We can provide fully qualified and insured carpenters and joiners to both commercial and residential units across London and surrounding areas.

We also does building conversions, extensions, refurbishments and renovations.

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