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Painting and Decorating Services

Affordable Painting and Decorating service across London with a team of experienced and qualified Painters and Decorators.

In addition to working directly with property owners, we often works closely with property developers, interior designers, architects and other contractors. We can take on all sizes and types of contracts both for interior and exterior painting.

Painting and decorative services are services provided by a tradesman that can include responsibilities such as painting and decorating the interior and exterior of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The main purpose of this industry is to improve the aesthetics of a building as well as to protect the building from water damage, as well as rust, corrosion, insects and mould. The main activity of painting and decorative service companies is the painting of interior and exterior surfaces of buildings. This requires preparation of the surface to be painted, actual painting and finally the cleaning up.

Additional Services

However, additional services provided by a painting and decorative service company includes gilding of objects as well as finishing or refinishing of furniture and finally purchasing and placement of furniture and decorations for a building.

Work Preparation

Preparation is completed by patching holes in drywall, protecting other surfaces, such as windows, that are not meant to be painted.

Protection of other surfaces

Protection of other surfaces is done by applying masking or painters tape around the edge of the surfaces that paint should not be applied to. This is done to ensure smooth and straight edges to provide an aesthetically pleasing look.

Additional preparation

Additional preparation can include scraping, sanding, caulking, patching, cleaning, stain and wallpaper removal, hole filling and finally drywall or wood repair. Finally, drop clothes must be put in place in order to ensure that paint does not drip on unintended surfaces during the application or drying process. The second step for painting and decorative service companies is to paint the surfaces. This is done using a series of different tools that include sprayers, brushes and rollers.

Different sizes and types of brushes

Different sizes and types of brushes, rollers or sprayers are used depending on the orientation and placement of the surfaces being painted. The painting and decorative service company must also determine the need for primer, the amount of paint, the number of coats and the types of paint and primer before the painting can commence. Finally, the proper assortment of ladders and scaffolding must be used in order to provide the painting and decorative service company access to the surfaces being painted.

Applications Ladders or Scaffolding

In simple applications ladders or scaffolding will not be necessary, however as the surfaces being painted becomes larger and higher this equipment must be used. Before choosing ladders or scaffolding, proper safety codes must be referenced in order to determine that all codes are being met by the painting and decorative service company in order to keep their employees safe.

Clean up the work place

Clean up must be completed by the painting and decorative service company in order to ensure that the area is returned to its original state. This is done by removing all equipment and tools used during the painting process, and clean-up of any surfaces in which paint may have been applied to unintended surfaces. A high quality painting and decorative service company will not need to invest much time into clean up as sufficient preparation should have been done to prevent problems.

Other Services

Painting and decorative service companies also provide services for objects and furniture within the building.

These services include gilding, finishing and refinishing of objects or furniture. Gilding of objects is the decorative process of applying metals such as gold to wood, stone or metal objects to make them more aesthetically pleasing, this process is sometimes also referred to as gold plating.

Beyond gilding, painting and decorative service companies also finish and refinish furniture. Finishing wood furniture is the act of sanding the original surface of a piece of furniture and then applying a new finish to the freshly sanded wood.

Finishing is done by applying several coats of wax, shellac, oils, lacquer, and varnish of paints in order to provide the desired aesthetic effect. Finally the surface is polished using steel wool, pumice or other materials in order to produce the desired level of shine. These services as well as others can be completed within the building for large pieces of furniture, however for smaller pieces of furniture it is usually easy for it to taken elsewhere in order to control the level of clean up required.

Many painting and decorating service companies will offer decorative services which include room layout and furniture placement planning to aid the customer in producing the most aesthetically pleasing area possible. The preceding services are the main services provided by a painting and decorating Service Company, however additional services can also be offered by some companies.

Other services may include outdoor landscaping and gardening as this is also included in the decorative and aesthetics of a building.

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