A tiler plays a crucial role in home improvement and property maintenance.

Their job ranges from laying tiles on bathrooms, kitchens, pools, walls and floors to fitting out commercial establishments like restaurants, hotels and galleries. They could also expand their services like creating mosaics for landscaping and gardening.

Tiling Specialists in London

A well-trained tiler from Bigness Property Maintenance specializes in wet room and bathroom tiling. He would do an inspection of the area and estimate the number of tiles that will be used as well as the adhesive needed.

Once done, he would cut the tiles and shape them using a bench-mounted tool or a hand-cutter depending on his expertise. Lastly, he would fix the tiles and apply the plaster.

There are lots of materials a tiler would use depending on the pattern he will use. The pattern that will be used can either be discussed between the client and the tiler after the inspection.

Tiling Contractors in London

Bigness Property Maintenance has loads of patterns to choose from but the client can always customize it the way he likes. Various materials that will be used for tiling are terracotta, granite, gravel, ceramics, stone, glass and marble.

A tiling job usually requires at least 35 hours and it could be more than 45 hours a week if the size was too large to complete.

Professional Tiling Services in London

Bigness Property Maintenance, provides tillers with considerable on-site experience to make sure a project will be complete without any major delays. Each tiler from this respectable company is self-reliant and requires minimal supervision.

Clients can also communicate with them with confidence if ever there are some modifications on the task.

Once the job has been completed, a quality control manager would do final inspections on the site.

All gaps will be filled by a professional tiler and cracks will be replaced.

We are also available 24/7 which is convenient for both new and existing customers.

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