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Air Conditioning Contractor in London

Buying an air condition unit may seem easy. But several factors are often overlooked and not considered.

Air Conditioning and Installation Service

These important factors are size of area, insulation type and floor to ceiling height. These factors can determine which air con type will work efficiently for residential or industrial spaces.

Air Conditioning Contractor in London

Installation of air conditioning system to industrial places like offices and factories require planning and computation. For complex projects, it is better to consult with a licensed air-conditioning engineer. Although your community’s AC dealer would gladly advice you, it’s still best to heed the advice of a licensed engineer.

Don`t hesitate to contact us and we will give you our expertise and our expert to help you with the following services :

  • Installation of single and multi split type systems;
  • Extraction and supply air installations;
  • Inspection and maintenance of air conditioning units;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • Repairs of compressor, motors, fans and pumps for heating and cooling units;
  • Kitchen extraction systems;
  • Replacing air filters;
  • Recharging units with refrigerant;
  • Repairs for the most typical problems: Increased energy bills, poor airflow, low performance of heating or cooling unit, leaking water or even dirty appearance;

The common services these contractors provide range from consultation and installation of AC units. Or, it can be as simple as maintaining your cooling units. They offer their services on a one time-basis or through bundled packages. Most contractors would offer their AC maintenance service on a contract basis to increase the lifespan of your unit.

In order to find a reputable air-conditioning contractor in London, start by searching through the directory. You can also look for reviews online. Another great option is to ask the people in your neighborhood if they can refer a trustworthy AC contractor. Ask the people you know, were they satisfied with the services? They can also give you an estimate of the expense involved.

Reputable contractors should be willing to do a free site-visit of the area where the air condition will be installed. They need to make an assessment based on the area size, ceiling, number of windows etc. These data will be matched to which air-con type has the capacity to cool the entire area. This is an important step that your contractor needs to do right.
Installing the right AC type will affect your electricity bill. If done right, you will not be overcharged in your electric bill.

At Bigness Property Maintenance Ltd, you are assured of quality workmanship regardless of the service you’ll be availing. From as simple as asking for a quotation, to air-con maintenance, you are guaranteed that you’ll be talking to experts and licensed AC contractors.

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