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Roofers In London

The roof, as the outside, top covering of a building, is an important boundary between the structure and the elements.

Roofer In London

In the United Kingdom, there exists a blend of several regional styles in terms of roofing products. Your choice of material and design must agree with the local practice and follow local planning requirements.

Roofers In London

The most common materials for roofs are clay, concrete and slate. Clay brings warmth and character to the structure and comes in a variety of colors. When it comes to longevity and visual appeal, clay has very few competitors.

Concrete provides a viable alternative to natural materials. It is affordable and is available in plenty of shapes and colours to suit a wide range of roof types.

Manmade slate comes as an alternative to natural slate. It is usually chosen for its installation ease, low cost and durability.

Expert Roofers in London

A roof’s pitch or its degree of slope or inclination, dictates what materials would be best to use. All tiles and slates have a minimum roof pitch to protect the roof from water penetration. Most materials are good to a minimum pitch of 15 degrees.

Your choice of roofing material must also consider, among others, weight and rafter length. Make sure your roof structure can support the weight of your choice of material, giving consideration as well to other loads such as snow and wind.

Rafters are the beams that run the length of the roof from top to the point where the roof joins the wall. The length of these will also have a direct effect on the speed of water draining from the roof.

Local Roofing Contractors‎ London

Roofers are the professionals who handle the construction or repair of your roof. This usually include repairs of leaks and weather-proofing (or flashing), installation or repair of gutters, and construction, repair and fitting of chimneys.

Having been in the construction business for more than 15 years, the Bigness Property Maintenance Ltd. has a team of roofers that can do excellent flat and pitched roof installations, gutter and fascia replacements and skylight installations.

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