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Wall Tie Replacement Services in London

Wall Tie Replacement Services in London


Wall ties are very important in your wall as it hold the wall together. It allows the load of both inner and outer walls to be balanced thus distributing the pressure evenly.

Wall Ties & Restraint Fixings

However, there are times when the wall tie corrodes and expands which leads to horizontal cracks and compromise the walls load sharing.

If the loading sharing is not well distributed to both sides of your wall, chances are, the wall may break and wall breakage might harm your family or leave you with a broken wall and a broken house.

When wall ties corrode, it is then best that you contact some specialist to replace your wall ties.

Replace Cavity Wall Ties

Replacing wall ties or installing one is difficult and doing it yourself may just add damage to the wall. Therefore, it is best to contact someone who can do job expertly and hassle-free. That’s when Bigness maintenance can be your saving grace.

Bigness Maintenance is a 24/7 property maintenance service company that is expert in replacing and installing wall ties. With its well-trained experts, replacing your wall ties is just a breath away.

Stainless steel wire ties & strip ties

Replacing wall ties is never a big job for the company since the staffs are already expert to maintenance, and installation of wall ties.

With Bigness Maintenance, you can be sure that the wall ties are safely installed and the installation process will not take long.

Bigness Maintenance also can do the job in the cleanest way possible, leaving no mark in your wall and making the repair almost invisible. You can also be sure that the wall ties used are engineered to perform well and can carry the loads of the walls.

Cavity Wall Ties

Hiring a property maintenance expert for your house shouldn’t be seen as something burdensome or just an additional to your expenses.

Hiring one will just save your property from further damage that might even put your family’s safety in jeopardy.

A property maintenance company that thoroughly repairs, maintain, and improve your property is a long term-investment that you should consider for your home or property.

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