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In need of emergency plumbers that would fix the leaking pipes in your bathroom before your holiday?

Emergency Plumbers in Hackney

You are probably planning to go away for a while and then suddenly you notice that there is a problem in your bathroom. Of course, you need to have it fixed before you go.

We offer a wide range of plumbing services:

  • Fixing Leaks and Burst Pipes
  • Pipework replacement
  • Heating installation and repair
  • Replacing radiators,valves and stop cocks
  • Blocked pipes and drains
  • Immersion heaters and tanks
  • Water tanks and overflows
  • Gutters and downpipes
  • Waste disposal unit repair and installation
  • Tap and sink repairs
  • Shower installations
  • Showers and pressure adjustments
  • Toilet repairs and installation

Leaving it would cause further damage not just to the pipe but to your house as well. You would probably come home to a flooded bathroom when you get back.

You do not have to wait for a long time or miss your flight just to attend to leaking pipes. Why worry about ruining your holiday when you can just call the best emergency plumbers in Hackney? And that is right—it is us—Bigness Plumbers. Rest assured that we will be on our way in a bit and we will have your pipes fixed within an hour.

Alternative Solutions 

In case there is no more time and you really need to go, or while you are waiting for the Bigness team to arrive, there are some steps you can do to temporarily stop the leak. You do not have to worry much.

One of the steps you can do on your own is to use a leak tape. There are tapes that are designed for pipes and other plumbing areas. Their function is to hold on to the damaged area for a short-time just to keep it from leaking. You can easily use them.

If you have epoxy in your house, then you may also use it. Like the tape, epoxy can also stop the problem. It is like glue that is designed for pipes and other stuff that glue cannot hold together. However, just like the leak tape, epoxy is also just a short-term solution, so you still have to get a plumber’s assistance.

If the leak is too much and you cannot use tape or epoxy to stop the water from gushing out, then shutting off the water valve is your best option. Of course, you cannot do this forever since you need to use water eventually.

We are Fast and Effective 

Bigness Plumbers will make sure that we will resolve the problem in the shortest time possible. We are known for being on time—and sometimes we even arrive early if the distance from to the location from our headquarters is minimal.

Also, our plumbers are experienced so we can work fast and accurate. We can give you the best quality of service at a short time.

So what are you waiting for? Call now and be on your holiday  in a bit.

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