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Are you planning to construct a new bathroom? Or do you want to remodel it and add some bathroom suites? 


Installation and fitting Services London

If you are thinking of a new bathroom, one of the most important things to consider is the sanitaryware. You need to find its perfect fit that would complement the design that you want in your particular cloakroom.

The perfect team who could help

Bigness is the right company that can help you when it comes to bathroom construction and refurbishments.

Whether you want to start from scratch in constructing a new bathroom, or modify an old one by adding some stuff, we, at Bigness have the expertise to meet your requirements.

If your primary concern is all about the right sanitaryware for your type of bathroom, we have a wide-ranging collection of these items.

Why go for Bigness?

Bigness provides a proficient kind of service in installing both manual-operated and automatic sanitaryware.

We are not just limited to residential homes but we can also cater to some establishments and institutions such as in prisons, hotels, high rise buildings, laboratories, hospitals and many other more.

From the sensor operated systems to the push button ones, we offer great choices based on your own style and preference.

Great options that suit your budget

Don’t be bothered about the prices of our sanitaryware, because we can give you a variety of wonderful items based on your available budget. As a wise client, we know that you have envisioned a specific style or ambiance of how you desire your bathroom to look like.

At the end of the day, we are still after your personal choice. Since we are flexible in whatever installation process, it’s always possible to make your bathroom well-ordered and attractive.

We don’t just take pride in our bathroom suites, but our team composed of skilled plumbers, experienced subcontractors and other qualified staff are our asset as well.

It’s a good decision to make Bigness your choice.  

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